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Precision Alloy and Thermocouple Alloy
[ 2008-7-9 10:35:00 | By: vent ]

Open Google or Alexa, type the key word:  " Thermocouple Wire ", it's for sure for you to locate a Chinese Alloy Manufactory called Shihezi Alluvion Trade Co. focusing upon Precision Alloy and Thermocouple Alloy.

The Productions cover Resistance Alloy, Copper-based Low-resistance Alloy, Thermocouple Wire, Extension Thermocouple Wire and Thermocouple Cable.

Contact Methods:

A. E-mail

a. For european clients:

b. For CIS clients:


a. ICQ:  330-905-288

b. MSN:

c. Skype:  xebecn

C. Attention

a. Shin. Chan, MP:  +86-158-0189-7922 (Shanghai, China)

b. Helle. Xue, MP:  +86-137-7959-5059 (Shihezi, Xinjiang, China)

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